Hey! How about some free bookmarks? Or a free poster? Here’s some PDFs you can print out for yourself, and to pass on to others.

These bookmarks, six on one page of A4, feature the blog’s web address and QR code, set against the same tasteful background used in the blog’s banner. If you want to make a really smart of job of it, you could laminate the bookmarks. You could give them away to people you know, or hand them out after Holy Mass. Download/view

Consult Not Your Fears is an A4 poster that also features the web address and QR code, but its principal attraction is an inspiring quotation from Pope John XXIII, with wise words that can give us courage as we embrace the Living Stones process. Download/view

About the nottinghamcatholic blog is a handout that can be used on its own, or as an insert for parish bulletins. It’s two identical pages of A4: use your PDF viewer’s options to print two pages per A4 sheet, and you’ll get A5 handouts that just need cutting apart. Or print out at full size to make a large print version. Download/view

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