This blog serves the Catholic community in the parishes in and around Nottingham that belong to the Nottingham East and Nottingham West Deaneries.

On Monday 7 November, Bishop Malcolm McMahon OP  launched You are Living Stones, a consultation on the parochial structure of the Diocese of Nottingham. This will affect every parish in the Diocese, and all parishioners are asked to read the document, reflect upon it and discuss it among themselves and with their parish priests. The Bishop said:

‘I hope that as we begin this prayerful consultation, we will be willing to embrace what is right for the Church in our local communities. Always having the Lord as our source of inspiration and goal, we need to make sure that the Church in our Diocese has a strong basis for building into the future. To do this, we must work together to express that desire of St Peter when he wrote that we “may be living stones making a spiritual house as a holy priesthood to offer the spiritual sacrifices made acceptable to God through Jesus Christ”. May this consultation be a source of great joy, blessing and hope for us all.’

Download the full consulation document as a PDF file

This blog was set up firstly to enhance participation in the Living Stones process by the Catholic communities in the the two Nottingham deaneries in the diocese. We hope (“we” being the two deans, Fr Martin Sylvester & Fr Peter Vellacott) that it may also go on to serve as useful resource — perhaps a forum for discussion — for Catholics in and around Nottingham.

About the nottinghamcatholic blog is a handout that can be used on its own, or as an insert for parish bulletins. It’s two identical pages of A4: use your PDF viewer’s options to print two pages per A4 sheet, and you’ll get A5 handouts that just need cutting apart. Or print out at full size to make a large print version. Download/view

3 Responses to About

  1. Sheila North says:

    Hello everyone
    I attended the Long Eaton Parish Audit on 31st March. I didn’t know what to expect but I reallly found it useful in several ways.

    First, it set the scene for how the parish functions now. It established what we are good at and what we do well.
    Secondly, it showed where our weaknesses are and gave us ideas about how to improve and what our priorities should be. For example, the lack of young people was mentioned over and over again, so it became clear that it must be a priority to attract and nurture the next generation.
    Thirdly, it brought us together as a group of committed and concerned parishioners who all feel passionately about our parish and our faith.

  2. Onyewuchi says:

    I appreciate your work to enhance reaching out and interaction. Having participated in the Living Stones consultation in my parish, I have lost tracked of where we (St Theresa Parish Aspley, diocese ) are. Mindful of the timeline, can you advise me please.

    • Martin says:

      The best and most authoritative answer I can give to that question is to give you a link to this page — look for “Lent update” and I think the documents available there should answer your question.

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