Putting the site into mothballs

The first function of this site was to provide an online opportunity for people to take part in the You Are Living Stones consultation. To that end, it’s served its purpose.

I did have an idea that it might go on to be a resource for co-operation in the two deaneries. In meetings in both deaneries, the deans invited the deanery clergy to nominate a person from each parish to serve as a correspondent, publishing those events in their parishes that were open to people from other parishes. That idea has not been blessed with success.

In January, the domain mapping subscription for this blog will expire, and I don’t intend to renew that subscription. The blog will still exist, but the URLs will change to the WordPress domain, and visitors to nottinghamcatholic.org.uk will arrive at a page where they will be invited to click a link to visit the blog at its new address.

Your comments are welcome below.

About Fr Martin

Fr Martin Sylvester is the dean of Nottingham West deanery, and parish priest of Long Eaton.
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1 Response to Putting the site into mothballs

  1. Sheila North says:

    I have just come back from a wedding in Maidenhead and at the Mass that I went to on Saturday evening, they were advertising a series of discussion evenings on Laudate Si. Perhaps we should draw a line under Living Stones since it has fallen on stony ground (pardon the pun) and try something completely different. Do you think ecology would draw people in where geology didn’t?

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