Special deanery meeting Q1

The proposals:

    • LINK St Theresa, Aspley WITH St Hugh of Lincoln, Bilborough
    • RETAIN Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, Bulwell and Divine Infant of Prague, Bestwood Park
    • RETAIN St Paul, Lenton Boulevard and St Mary, Hyson Green
    • RETAIN LINK BETWEEN Assumption, Beeston AND St Thomas More, Wollaton
    • RETAIN Holy Cross, Hucknall
    • RETAIN LINK BETWEEN Our Lady & St Thomas of Hereford, Ilkeston AND St John the Evangelist, Stapleford
    • LINK St Francis of Assisi, Long Eaton WITH St Hugh, Borrowash
    • LINK Our Lady of Good Counsel, Eastwood WITH St Joseph, Ripley

The bishop’s first question: What do you think of the proposed links between parishes, etc., in general?

About Fr Martin

Fr Martin Sylvester is the dean of Nottingham West deanery, and parish priest of Long Eaton.
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1 Response to Special deanery meeting Q1

  1. David & Louise Aldred says:

    We live in Beeston parish, and are therefore focussing mainly on the links locally to us.

    In a comment on the consultation more generally, we mentioned some factors we think important in considering the links.

    Transport: public transport between Beeston and Wollaton is poor. As with most cities, transport links are mainly ‘in and out’ rather than round. Transport considerations would indicate that a link with Long Eaton or Stapleford would work better.

    Local Authorities: Wollaton is City, Beeston is County. Putting the two together means crossing boundaries, and working with two often quite different systems and priorities.

    Schools: Wollaton and Beeston children go to different Catholic schools at both primary and secondary level; Beeston has no neighbouring parish sharing a secondary school. However, there is something of a natural community around English Martyrs school in Long Eaton, which serves Beeston, Stapleford and Long Eaton. Although this would involve crossing an LA boundary, in practice that boundary is already crossed due to the primary school relationship. A community of Long Eaton, Stapleford and Beeston all together, with two clergy and/or with some support from the Ordinariate clergy who already have a connection with Stapleford, would seem worth considering.

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